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eResource Access

Staff have access to a number of online resources that are licensed by PHSA and accessed equally across all PHSA programs, including BC Cancer.  However, some resources are separately subscribed to by BC Cancer, and restricted to BC Cancer staff use only due to licensing agreements with vendors and publishers. 

*LIMITATIONS: Some publishers do not allow any off-site access. Many books and resources are not available online. Some resources permit only one user at a time.


How to access library online resources

With EZproxy, access BC Cancer resources from any location

  1. Connect to a restricted online resource from our Library Portal website, Databases page, or from within the library catalog. Proxied resources will be indicated with the following icons:     
  2. When prompted, log in with your BC Cancer credentials (the same username/password that you use to access Webmail, PHSA Pay Advice, Citrix, etc).
  3. If you are working in a private/ incognito web browser, you might be asked to login again. Re-enter your BC Cancer credentials to gain access.
    Additional login


Please note, if you are working OFFSITE such as at home or via a mobile device (you are not on the PHSA or BC Cancer network), you will also be prompted to authenticate using the 2-factor Microsoft Authenticator App on your mobile phone.  

Trouble signing in? You may have to clear your web browser cache and cookie history

Shared workstation? Is somebody else's profile saved? If the log-in autofilled with someone else's credentials, then delete that sign in and log in with your own. If this doesn't work, you may need to clear your web browser cache and cookies.

Visit these websites for instructions on how to do this for a variety of web browsers and devices:

*Please note that you need to have your cookies enabled in your web browser to authenticate in. 


Not BC Cancer? Don't have an profile? 

Are you affiliated with another PHSA program or Health Authority (HA)? If you do not meet the qualifications to access some of our online resource tools, we recommend that you visit the following resources:

PHSA Staff

  • POD eHealth Library page - access to online databases and tools available to all PHSA staff.
  • PHSA Library Services is available for PHSA staff and can assist with your information needs, including literature searches and document delivery. 

BCCRC and GSCStaff: 

  • On-site access only via IP authentication. Currently no remote authentication for staff with or emails. 

Other HA Staff


It could be your browser

Many websites no longer support older versions of the Internet Explorer (IE) browser (v8 and older). BC Cancer / PHSA IMITS computers often have an old version of IE for supporting CAIS or other apps. Common problems in IE are a blank page or box, or searching Full Text Finder and getting no results.  If you experience difficulty using any of these resources, try using the Google Chrome browser. If you need to install Chrome on your workstation, contact IMITS.

TIP: Save our Library Portal as a bookmark in Google Chrome.


Mobile apps are available for some BC Cancer eResource subscriptions, including UpToDate, Lexicomp, Natural Medicines, Micromedex an AnatomyTV.

For information on how to download and set up available apps, visit our Mobile Apps and Resources Guide

Update your Bookmarks

To update your saved bookmarks, you will need to add the EZproxy URL prefix: "" before the web address. For example, the following URL for the PEN Databases is : 

Add the EZproxy prefix so that the link appears as 

What is a Bookmarklet? A bookmarklet is a program stored in your bookmarks. This specific bookmarklet will add the EZproxy prefix ( to your URL so that you do not have to paste the prefix into your web browser search bar manually.

How do I add and use the EZproxy Bookmarklet?

ADDING the bookmarklet: click, hold, and drag the image below into your web browser (eg. Chrome or FireFox) bookmarks bar or your bookmarks/favorites list.

EZproxy BC Cancer

USING the Bookmarklet:

  1. Add the EZproxy BC Cancer bookmarklet to your web browser 
  2. Visit the URL of a specific BC Cancer library resources
  3. Wait for the page to load
  4. Click the EZproxy BC Cancer bookmarklet. This will add the appropriate prefix to your URL and your page will reload.
  5. You should now be prompted to login to your BC Cancer credentials and access the resource

Remember the Bookmarklet and EZproxy can only provide resources if the BC Cancer Library subscribes to them.  If you have any trouble locating a resource, email an InterLibrary Loan request to us, including the details of what you need.

Issue: I don't see a bookmarks bar.

Answer: Your bookmark bar might be hidden. To show your bookmarks bar, see the links below.


Issue: I added the bookmarklet, but it does not work. 

Answer: Your bookmarks or favorites must allow JavaScript for bookmarklets to work. To enable JavaScript, see the links below.

Also, some resources have not been purchased by BC Cancer.  Please send an email to request an InterLibrary Loan for anything you can't access directly.

Database Alerts

New nutrition resource! Explore eNCPT

New at the library! Familiarize yourself with the standard terminology to ensure optimal nutrition care and explore Eat Right's eNCPT resource today.

EZproxy is HERE!

The BC Cancer Library has implemented OCLC’s EZproxy Authentication. Access to some BC Cancer online resources has changed. 

R2 Digital Library Logo

R2 eBook Accounts

Personal accounts made to use R2 eBooks from offsite will become "inactive" after 6 months of no use. Contact the BC Cancer Library to reactivate your R2 sign-in. 

Alternatively, you can use the EZproxy bookmarklet to access R2 ebooks without an R2 personal account.

eResource Mobile apps are available

Learn how to download, install, and set up your mobile app accounts for some of the Library's eResource subscriptions. 

Need Help?

Not sure what the problem is? 

IMITS Services: Contact the Service Desk (IMITS help desk) if you need help with your BC Cancer email account / password (604) 675-4299.

Are you BCCRC or GSC staff?

If you have an or email, contact for assistance in logging into your Microsoft Single Sign On account to access library resources. 

What's being restricted?

Only BC Cancer staff will have access to the following resources:

  • eJournals from AACR, ASCO, BMJ, JAMA, Oxford, Science Direct, Springer Nature, Wiley and more
  • eBooks from EBSCO, Proquest eBook Central, and R2 (Proquest user names/ passwords are available for patients and staff if you want to access titles from our online catalogue)
  • Databases: Embase, Lexicomp, Natural Medicines, PEN Database 

These resources will often be marked with the following icons:  

 The BC Cancer library system consists of a central library at Vancouver Centre (VC), and branches in Abbotsford (AC), Kelowna (SAHCSI), Prince George (CN), Surrey (FVC), and Victoria (VIC). All centres have patient resource collections in our Cancer Information Centres (CIC), and all centres have a professional collection on site. Professional resources for CN are housed in the adjacent UHNBC Library.