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Fatigue and Sleep Pathfinder: Key Resources

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The topics of fatigue and sleep problems or insomnia have been combined in this pathfinder; however, they are not the same thing. Fatigue is a feeling of tiredness or lack of energy and is the most common symptom for people with cancer. Sleeping problems, or insomnia, refer to trouble falling asleep, staying asleep or waking up unrefreshed. Cancer-related fatigue may not be improved by sleep.


Visit your local BC Cancer Library or go to to see the complete library catalogue. See Fatigue and Sleep Books for more books about fatigue, sleep or insomnia. Most library materials can be mailed anywhere in B.C. or Yukon.


Patients and the public of B.C. and Yukon can access these online books by calling 1.888.675.8001 x 7000 (toll-free) to get a username and password from the Library. See Fatigue and Sleep ebooks for more ebooks about fatigue, sleep or insomnia.


These websites have been reviewed and approved by the BC Cancer librarians. See the "Looking for More?" tab above to find more recommended websites.

Support programs

This is a list of support programs offered by community organizations and BC Cancer. You can find more support programs offered at each BC Cancer centre and in the community on the BC Cancer website.

Audio CDs

See Fatigue and Sleep CDs for more audio CDs to help with fatigue and sleep.

Resources found in these Pathfinders have been chosen and evaluated by BC Cancer librarians with input from other BC Cancer staff members. Suggestions for additional resources for inclusion are welcome; however, the Library reserves the final right to decide which websites and resources will be included. See our Inclusion/removal policy.

Resources are reviewed on a regular basis, however, the Library cannot guarantee the function, accuracy, or currency of the websites and the information contained within them.

 The BC Cancer library system consists of a central library at Vancouver Centre (VC), and branches in Abbotsford (AC), Kelowna (SAHCSI), Prince George (CN), Surrey (FVC), and Victoria (VIC). All centres have patient resource collections in our Cancer Information Centres (CIC), and all centres have a professional collection on site. Professional resources for CN are housed in the adjacent UHNBC Library.