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Inclusion/Removal: Policy

Resources found in these Pathfinders have been chosen and evaluated by BC Cancer librarians with input from other BC Cancer staff members. Suggestions for additional resources for inclusion are welcome; however, the Library reserves the final right to decide which websites and resources will be included. The librarians consider the criteria below when evaluating websites, but may include websites that do not meet all of the criteria if they are considered useful to our clients.

Resources  are reviewed on a regular basis, however, the Library cannot guarantee the function, accuracy, or currency of the websites and the information contained within them. 


Inclusion Criteria

  • provides information that supports the mission of BC Cancer and is relevant to our clients
  • provides accurate and reliable information
  • clearly identifies the sources of information on its site
  • identifies its mandate, scope, and objectives
  • identifies its sources of funding and sponsorship
  • exists primarily for informational or educational purposes and not to promote a product or fee-based service
  • identifies the author or responsible organization and provides information about their credentials
  • provides a way to contact the author, organization, or webmaster
  • provides information that is reasonably current and is reviewed and updated regularly
  • is well organized and easy to use
  • provides unique information that is not easily found elsewhere

Removal Criteria

  • is out of date and is no longer maintained
  • contains numerous defunct links
  • is found to contain inaccurate or misleading information
  • is replaced by another site that provides superior coverage on the same topic

 The BC Cancer library system consists of a central library at Vancouver Centre (VC), and branches in Abbotsford (AC), Kelowna (SAHCSI), Prince George (CN), Surrey (FVC), and Victoria (VIC). All centres have patient resource collections in our Cancer Information Centres (CIC), and all centres have a professional collection on site. Professional resources for CN are housed in the adjacent UHNBC Library.